My name is Michael, i'm 14 years old and live near Luxembourg. I'm not really good at writing or describing something, the reason why I run this blog is because i don't have too many people in my area with whom i can share my interests. I mainly listen to underground hip hop and do graffiti. But i'm always interested in different things. Feel free to ask me anything. I also speak german, french, russian and a bit portuguese. peace.

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this film fucked wit me

really rare photo of Guru and Premier or better know as Gang Starr

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Kendrick Lamar


-Exactly 4 years ago today, Keith Elam (aka Guru of Gang Starr) died of cancer at the age of 48 after going into a coma. I’m currently smoking a blunt to pay my respect to the legendary half of one of the greatest hip-hop duo’s ever. May his influence & positivity never be forgotten. R.I.P to a legend

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